October 12-15, 2010    |    MGM Grand Hotel    |    Las Vegas, NV

Design Your Conference

Attending various conferences or educational classes to receive product training is likely part of your job. But how many have been customized to meet your needs? Are you still searching for that one special conference to address your specific business challenges, while also leaving time for plenty of networking? Look no further: You’ve already found it in Consona Connect 2010.

This year, it’s up to attendees to direct session content.
Yes, that’s right: You’re the director. Take advantage of these opportunities to make this year’s event your very own.

  • Let your voice be heard and participate in discussion forums with instructors on the pre-conference interactive Web site.
  • Or complete a survey on the conference agenda, and vote on real-time topic sessions.
  • Get involved in our newly-formatted interactive discussion sessions designed to make sure all questions will be answered.

Part of designing your conference is creating a schedule that maximizes your time. Use the pre-conference interactive Web site now to view profiles of all conference attendees (including the ability to sort by product and title) and send private e-mails to set up appointments during the conference. It’s efficient, it’s easy and it’s at your fingertips.

Armed with these tools, you can make Consona Connect 2010 work for you. So take the director’s chair this year. Register June 1 to receive your invitation to join the pre-website to start designing your conference now!

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